*Descendants of Simpson and Ann Kettlewood Towse

Following is a list of the Children of Simpson and Ann Towse, together with the names of thier wives, so far as we have them. Any further iformation abut this, or any other items relating to the family, will by very greatly appreciated.

Birth Date--Given Name--Spouse

9-12-1820 Eliza m Thomas Bielby

4-20-1822 Hannah m William Robinson

10-29-1824 William m Eliza Richards Berryman

3-11-1827 Johnathan

11-20-1830 Simpson

11-2-1832 Thomas

2-24-1835 Charles m Louisa Dews

7-20-1839 Bethel m Frances Dews

11-2-1843 Watson m Ann Morfoot

7-3-1837 Ann died in infancy

So far as the Towse name is carried on presently we cannot find too many males at this time. As to the girls, named above, Eliza has no heirs. Hannah has a grandson Everett Adams and his son Nelson now living in the Chesterfield vicinity. We will give a rather detailed report on the heirs of my grandfather, William, later. Johnathan has no living heirs. We have no information on Simpson. Thomas had two girls but no other heirs. Charles had two sons and several daughters. John D and his only son were killed in an auto accident. Watson had one son Charles and he has a son Robert W . We have no information on the Bethel Towse family except that they moved to Kansas many years ago. Watson had no children.

William had three sons; Edwin, who married Alice Lawson and had two sons, Chester Whipple and Howard Lawson. Chester had two sons, Chester W., Jr, and Edwin, both having died without male heirs. Howard has one living son, single, William. Fred and Frank were twins. Fred had only one child who died at birth. Frank has one son, Byron Franklin, who has one son and three daughters. Wende., the son, has two sons and three daughters. Charles is still single. Robert Wendel has two sons, William and David.

--Contributed 1988 by Mary Towse, 5506 Holmes, Kansas City MO 64110 (don't know if this is current or not)

A descendant's chart is on the way; just have to get it into the correct format, and we'll have it up.

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