For those of you who don't live in the Western US, "menudo" is a Mexican soup made from beef tripe, hominy and chiles, garnished with onion, oregano and more chiles.  It's also a word for "a little bit of everything, all mixed up".  So this is the page for all the records that don't fit into any major category.  No rhyme or reason, but didn't want to pass them up.


from Official Register fo the US Persons in Civil, Military and Naval Service

(Note from Debra:  In finding this little record, I was able to trace the author of a postcard to Ollie Towse Grice concerning family relationships !)


Edward H Towse res Washington DC , employed at Dept Navy as a moulder at the Navy Yard for $3.32/day. Born PA

Miss Elizabeth A Towse res Wash DC sewer for Mfg Div, Govt Printing Office 25c/hr Born Pa.


Daniel Towse, cook @ Natl Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers in Dayton, Ohio $15/mo Born Pa

Edward H Towse Dept Navy helper $2.16/day empl @ Navy Yard, Wash DC Born Pa

Miss Eliz A Towse helper @ GPO, Wash DC 27 1/2c/hr


Edward H Towse skilled laborer @ GPO 35c/hr Born Pa Res Wash DC

Miss Eliz A Towse skilled labvorer @ GPO 35c/hr Born Pa Res Wash DC

from Soame, Fol 69 London Wills (I apologize for the lack of complete documentation; book available @ Denver Public Library. Entries are quoted.--Debra)

#825 "Salomon Towse of Dartmouth, Devon., marinet (Dat. at Dartmouth 27 Feb , Jas.I.) [1603] Poor of Northtowne, Dartmouth, Hardnes nr. Dartmouth, and Southtowne; bro: Nichs. Towse; sist. Margery Plumleighe and her chn.: sist Joyce Leache and her ch.; kinsm. John Crofte; Elizth. Towse, dau. of bro. Nichs.; Edmd. White, clk., cur. of St. Patrick in Southtowne, Dartmouth; Thos. Frauncis; godson Willm. May; Exor: bro. Richd. Towse {Salomon Touse} Wits: Thomas Frauncis {mark}, Edmundo White, clerico, Edward White. (Pr. 14 July 1620)"

#11 "William Robinson cit. and Marchauntaylor of Lond. (Dat 16 July 1619) Bur. in psh. Ch of All Saintes Barking in Lond., with first wife, son Richd and dau. Alice Towse, late wife of Nichs. Towse ....John Towse...orphans of Wm. Towse...."

#1088 "Katherine Watson of St Giles without Cripplegate, Lond., wid. (Dat. 29 May, 1620) bur. in the sd. psh. Ch., nr. son-in-law Wm. Lewknor; Wm. Lewknor, son of my dau. Bridger, and his sist., my goddau., Ursula Lewkinor (und. 21); Edw. Toose, his fath., Alexr. Toose's hou. in Stokelane, co. Somst.; Gartrud Toose, dau. of sd. Alexr., and her moth., Kath. Toose..."

NY Times Personal Name Index 1851-1974

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Towse, Frank J died 1939 p623

Towse, JML 1926, III, 3

JR died 1933 p 787

J Rankin 1927, II, 666; 1927, IV, 539; 1931, 2493, died 1933, 2684

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