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Marriages of Westmoreland County, New Brunswick, Canada

Contributed by Irene Doyle

Towse John of Hopewell Par. married Feb. 19/1833   Lucy Stiles of same place

Towse Robert of Sackville married Sept. 1/1850   Mary O'Brien of Sackville also

Towse William of Sackville par. married Sept. 9/1842   Nancy McFee of same place

Towse Charlotte of Sackville married Feb. 15/1821   David Cook also of Sackville

Towse Elizabeth of Hopewell married Aug. 23/1832  John Wilson of Hillsborough

Towse Mary Ann married Sept. 9/1842   John Lunn of Sackville both

Lund Ruth of Sackville married Dec. 11/1840  Jacob Thompson of same place

Marriage Records

Cumberland County, Nova Scotia

Contributed by Marty Lund



*HAZEL VERA TOWSE, 22, born SACKVILLE/res of AMHERST, father GEORGE,mother DORA On 2/9/1913 to HERBERT F.WARD

*JAMES LUND, 28, born/resident of SACKVILLE, father JOHN, mother MARY ANN on 6/7/1875 to JULIA E. SUMERS, 18, born NB, res of WOODSIDE, father ROBERT, mother LYDIA

ELIZA J. LUND, 21, born SACKVILLE, res of JOGGINS, father DANIEL, mother AMY on 22/8/1894 to NORMAN McLEOD, 26, born McLELLAND, res of JOGGINS, father JOHN, mother ISABELLA

HATTIE BERTHA LUND, 20, born SACKVILLE, res of RIVER HEAD, father DANIEL, mother AMY On 9/9/1896 to RICHARD SMITH, 21, born SACKVILLE, res of RIVER HEAD, father JAMES, mother ELIZABETH

THOMAS E. LUND, 29, born/res of SACKVILLE, father DANIEL, mother AMY On 22/6/1904 to MARGARET TAYLOR, born/res of RIVER HEAD, father WILLIAM, mother JANE

*LYDIA ELIZA LUND, 24, born/res of NB, father JAMES, mother JULIA (SUMERS) On 30/3/1905 to FREDERICK BABCOCK, 24, born/res of UPPER SACKVILLE, father DAVID, mother ELLEN

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from London Marriage Licenses 1521-1869

John Towse of St Martin, Ludgate, London, bachelor 36 m Grace Brewster, spinster, 25, dau of Ellen Brewster of St Bride's, London, widow...@ St Clement, Danes or Sts Peter, Paul's Wharf London 31 May 1661

Wm Robinson of All Hallows, Barking, London merchant taylor & Eliz. Towse, relict of Wm Towse late of said city, merchant gen lic 28 May 1594

Michael Lee of St George, Southwark, gent., widower, 34, and Eliz Towse of St Savior, Southwark, widow, 32, at Greenwich, Kent, or Craydon or St Geo 24 July 1663

--Contributed by Debra Cohig

from Visitations of Somerset--Colby p111 Somerset Wills Third Senos

--Submitted approx 1950 to LDS Library by Theresa S Hill of Logan, Utah

John Towse b ca 1450 Taunton, Somerset, England, to Alexander Towse d 1502 married Johanna Coombs [b ca 1454 Taunton to John Coombs d Nov 1504]  Children: Alicia b 1476 Taunton m Roger Hill; Isobel b ca 1478 Taunton m Walter Trelawney; Johanna b ca 1480 Taunton; Anastasia b 1482 Taunton ; Elizabeth b 1484 Taunton; Margaria b 1486 Taunton; Johanna b 1488 Taunton; Alexander b 1490 Taunton; John b 1492 Swell m Agnes Newton will prov 5 Dec 1582; Robert b 1494 Taunton ; Nicholas b 1496 m Lucia Brooke

from Register of Holy Trinity Church, Goodramgate, Yorkshire, England  1573 1812 p188:

Brian Towse b ca 1684 of Goodmangate marr. 10 August 1709 Holy Trinity, Yorkshire  Ann Wilkinson (b ca 1688 North Dalton, Yorks.)

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Excerpts from the Parish Registers of Garton-on-the-Wolds, East Riding, Yorkshire:

Original registers deposited at Humberside Co Records Office, County Hall, Beverly  Registers for 1629/30 in English, 1631 begins in Latin. Mandatory registers started in 1653-54.  No local marriage index.  There may well be some omissions and errors, as these were transcribed from microfilmed copies of the original handwritten records, many of them in Latin, all hard to read. --contributed by Debra Cohig

1601 The (?) day of November was baptised Edward Towse the son of Thomas Towse

1602 The second day of February was buried Ann (Amy?) Towse the wife of Brian Towse

1602 Feb John Towse, the son of Anthony Towse was baptised

1604  Edward Towse, Church Warden

1608 The (?) day of Febr was buried Margaret Towse the daughter of Robert Towse

The (?) day of Febr was baptised (illegible) the daughter of Robert Towse

1609 Dec was baptised (illegible) Towse daughter of Edward Towse

1610 the 14th day of August was baptised Thomas Towse the son of Thomas Towse

1610 Sept was buried John Towse

1631 witness: Richard Towse X his mark

1631 Harrison (surname illegible, poss Dunton?) married Anna Towse 11 Oct

1632 Edward, son of Edward Towse baptised 1 January

1634 Anna, daughter of Edward Towse baptised 8 April

1634 Eliz Towse married (name illegible, poss surname Mark?) 25 Nov

1639 Jane the daughter of Edward Towse, baptised 2 Nov

1660 Richard Towse the son of Anthony Towse was buried 16 April 1660

1661 Eliz. Towse, the daughter of Jno Towse was buried 11 Sept

1661 Isabell Towse was buried 30 Sept

1662 Mathew Towse, son of Richard Towse buried 17 Jan

Brian Towse (signature) Church Warden

1664 Christopher Towse son of William (?) baptised August 28

1680 Brian Towse was buried July the 15th

1682 Willim Towse buried Nov 31 1682

1690 Jane Towse, widow, buried March 30, 1690

1691 Sarah, wife of Jeremiah Towse buried Sept 28th

1691 Richard son of Jonathan Towse buried Sept the 31st

William Towse (signature) Church Warden

1693 Daniel Towse and Ruth Etherington married June 20th

1693 Daniel and John, sons of Christopher Towse baptised June the 25th

1693  Richard son of 1693 baptised March the 17th

1694 William Towse--Gentleman--buried Jan 27th

Daniel Towse, (signature) church warden

Daniel son of Daniel Towse baptised Sept 22nd 1695

John son of John Towse baptised August the 2nd 1703

Mary daughter of Daniel Towse baptised Dec 27th 1703

Margaret daughter of Francis Leppington baptised Feb 21st 1704

John son of John Towse buried August 31st 1703

Ruth (?) daughter of Daniel Towse baptised Oct 29 1706

Kezia daughter of John Towse christened 2d May 1707

Mary dau of Francis Leppington baptised Jan 16 1709

Daniel son of Daniel Towse baptised Jan the 30th 1709

Daniell Towse (signature) Church Warden

Ruth wife of Daniel Towse buried April 3d 1710

William Towse yeoman of Scaglethorpe in the parish of Cottington buried April the 21st 1713

Daniel Towse, husbandman, buried Feb 19th 1715

Michael (surname illegible, poss begins with C) married Sarah Towse June 26, 1718

Sarah Towse, before a Quaker, baptised June 25, 1718

1723 James Thompson and Mary Towse married June 23

1724 Jane daughter of Francis Leppington, yeoman, baptised Nov 29

1726 Francis son of Francis Leppington baptised 9 Mar

1727 Richard Towse and Jane Leppington married June 6

1728 Richard Towse, Church Warden

1728 Feb 6th Francis and Jane, son and daughter of Richard Towse, baptised

1728 Ruth daughter of Richard Towse buried August 4th

1728 Francis son of Richard Towse buried Feb 8th

1728 Jane daughter of Richard Towse buried Feb 10

1729 Francis Leppington, yeoman, buried May 20

1729 Jane Leppington, widow, buried Sept 14

1729 Francis Leppington X his mark church warden

1731 Mary dau of Richard Towse baptised April 30, 1731

1732 April 24 Mr James Cook or Yarme (?) and Miss Jane Towse of Garton by license

1732 11 Feb Richard son of Richard Towse, farmer, baptised

1732 22 Mar Richard son of Richard Towse buried

1734 Sept 29 Daniel son of Richard Towse, baptised

1737 June 10 Samuel son of Richard Towse, baptised

1738 Richard Towse Church Warden

1739 Richard Towse Church Warden

1741 Brayon Towse, gentleman buried Jan 3

1741 Sarah Towse widow buried Feb 25

1742 Feb 22 Ann daughter of John Towse junior yeoman baptised

1746 Richard Towse church warden with John Wardell

1747 Chas Raper of Octon Grange married Jane Leppington of Garton by virtue of license

1750 April 21 Mrs Ann Towse, widow, householder buried

1750 Dec 11 John Towse yeoman

1754 Richard Towse, church warden

1759 Mar 1 buried Jane, dau of Edward Leppington

1759 April 13 Jane, dau of Edward Leppington, yeoman, baptised

1760 Richard Towse, church warden

1762 Mary dau of Daniel Towse baptised Sept 26, 1762

1764 Samuel Towse, batchelor and Nancy Wardill both of Garton, spinster married by banns Sept 7th 1763

1764 Ann, dau of Samuel Towse, baptised Oct 7, 1764

1764 Ann dau of Samuel Towse buried Dec 30, 1764

1765 Nov 29 Margaret, dau of Saml Towse baptised

1766 Richard, son of Daniel Towse baptised June 2d

1767 John, son of Samuel Towse baptisd Dec 20,

1767 Samuel Towse church warden

1769 William son of Daniel Towse baptised Sept 17th

1769 Samuel son of Samuel Towse baptised Nov 28

1770 William Towse, church warden

"A true copy of Parish register of Garton on the Wolds...between Lady Day 1775 and Lady Day 1776"

1771 Joseph son of Samuel Towse Nov 24 baptised

1772 Elizabeth, dau of Daniel Towse Feb 9 baptised

1772 Elizabeth dau of Daniel Towse Feb 19 buried

1772 Jane Towse widow Sept 14 buried

1773 Daniel son of Daniel Mar 28 1773 baptised [ d 1785]

1777 Ruth the dau of Samuel Towse and Nancy Wardell his wife born June 8, baptised June 22, 1777

1777 Thomas son of Samuel Towse and Nancy Wardell his wife born June 8, baptised June 22,

1776 Elizabeth dau of Daniel Towse and Elizabeth his wife Mar 21,

1779 John son of Daniel Towse and Elizabeth Parker his wife born May 18th, baptised May 30

1779 Nancy dau of Samuel Towse, farmer, and Nancy Wardell his wife, born Mar 18 bapt Mar 21

1781 Christopher Towse 8th child Father: Daniel Towse, farmer, Garton, of Richard Towse, Garton, deceased Mother: Elizabeth, dau of William Parker of Hutton Cranswick, farmer, deceased Born Monday May 7 baptised Sunday May 16

1780 Ann Towse, wife of Samuel Towse, pauper, died Sunday May 18 buried at Garton May 20, 1780 age 44 consumption

1785 Daniel Towse, son of Daniel Towse of Garton, farmer, died Wed June 15th buried June 17th age 12 consumption

1790 Margaret Towse wife of Richard Towse of Great Driffield died Dec 18 bur Dec 20 age 53

1791 Margaret Towse dau of Richard Towse Jun'r, shopkeeper, son of Richard Towse of Great Driffield ditto died Feb 9th at Great Driffield buried at Garton Feb 11,

1791 Daniel Towse farmer, son of Richard Towse, deceased died Nov 13 buried 15th Nov at Garton age 57 of fever

1794 Samuel Towse, a pauper, son of Richard Towse, deceased died Aug 1 buried August 2 age 56

1795 Joseph Towse, Garton, and Mary Bowes, Barton, married by license

1797 Feb Staytaria Towse, dau of Joseph, laborer

1798 Dec 9th Robert Towse, son of Richard Towse, farmer, son of Daniel Towse, deceased, Hannah, dau of Robert Anderson, farmer, Kilham, deceased

1798 William Towse, son of Richard Towse Jun'r of Great Driffield, shopkeeper, age 12 weeks died of convulsions

1798 May 6 Brian Towse, son of William Towse, of Garton, deceased age 41 years died of decay of nature

1800 Feb 16 Joseph Towse, natural son of Elizabeth Towse, daughter of Daniel Towse, dec'd, baptised

1800 Mar 8 Daniel Towse, son of Richard Towse, farmer, and Hannah, dau of Robert Anderson

International Genealogical Index (IGI)    New York

Anthony Towse chr 16 Dec 1781 New York City par: Francis & Susanna

Francis Towse m Susanna Frost 14 Nov 1778 New York City

Francis Towse born 19 Sept 1779 to Francis & Susanna New York City

John Tows married Ann VanAnder 6 June 1763 NYC

William Toos married Mary Lamb 26 April 1844 NYCity

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IGI Somerset, England

Ann Touse chr 24 Jun 1585 Wilton, St George

Ann Towes chr 16 May 1813 Wellington, the Lower, par: James/Sarah

Dorothia Touse chr 28 Jun 1579 Wilton, St George dau of Johnes.

Eliz Touse chr 22 Sep 1575 Wilton, St George dau of John

Hellen Towes sp: geo Gleircke 29 Jan 1578 N Petherton

James Towze chr 30 Spr 1815 Wellington, Indep, par: James/Sarah

Joannan Towse married Johes Cox 5 Feb 1615 Kingsdon

Johes Touse marr Christiana Whares 25 April 1585 Wilton, St George

Johes Touse marr Agneta Brice 14 Jul 1590 Wilton, St George

Mary Touse marr Thom Clarke 26 July 1653 Runnington

Robert Towse marr Mary Hil 22 May 1809 Wellington

Tristram Towse marr Jane Goulde 23 Mar 1600 Muchelney

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