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All of your contributions are welcome....and may help us to track dwon some of those elusive relatives.  Remember that these records are only as reliable as the census taker and the person giving information, who may even have been a neighbor or child.  Bad handwriting, bad memories and deliberate attempts to misrepresent facts are all common problems with this sort of record.

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1851 Census Sackville, Westmoreland, New Brunswick, Canada   --Contributed by Irene Doyle

Here is what I find on LUND: there is in Sackville a Lunn not Lund family :  

--Lunn John age 31, American  with wife Mary A. (32) also born American children are Daniel (9) John W. (7) James (5) George (2) Charles (1) and Mary J.(3)

--Towse Daniel (44) English farmer date of entry to Canada 1817 wife Ann (29) B. American, birth Ann (4) Rebecca (2) Charlotte (?)

--Towse John age 71 English farmer entry 1817 wife Mary (72) english entry 1817 James (36) english entry 1817

--Towse Robert (26) American farmer birth wife Mary (20) American birth George (1) American birth

--Towse William age 11 listed with the family of Simon Mahoney age 59 and Mary Mahoney age 89

--Towse Nelson age 12 American, orphan listed with the family of John Jr Lawder age 38, wife Phebe age 24, children William (7) John C. (5) James (1) Rebecca (11) Jane (9) and Vital White age 22 Also American, and a carriage maker living there ..

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Colorado Maine Massachusetts Michigan New York
Pennsylvania Wyoming


1880 Colorado   p370 Elbert County East of Bijou Creek   William W Towse 39 Assessor b Maine par b Maine Eunice 30 keeping house b Me par b Me George E 12 son b Nebr par b Me Ina K 7 dau b Me par b Me

1885 Colo State Census  Elbert Co ED2 p2 dwelling 13 Towse, Ellsworth age 18 horseherder 'servant' of Paul Gebhard  dwelling 50 Towse, Dan W age 35 cattleman b Maine fb England mb England Ida wife age 23 housekeeper b Ohio fb Germany mb Germany Peters, August age 19 cousin upholsterer b Ill fb Ger mb Ger Heneman, Benjamin age 21 cousin mechanic b Ill fb Ger mb Ger  Agricultural Census Daniel Towse 160 acres meadow grassland: 50 acres moved, 110 not 50 acres hay 3 horses $50 new fances $1100 livestock

Pueblo County Pueblo & Bessemer ED4 p 26 Chestnut St  WW Towse age 45 RR employ b Me par b NewBruns Eunice age 36 wife keeps house b New Bruns par b New Bruns Inez age 12 b Maine fa b Maine mb New Brns

1900 US Census Colorado

Vol 8 ED 175 sh9 ln15 Elbert Co Prec M5 River Bend   Towse, Daniel W b May 1850 50 yrs b Maine Ida wife May 1862 38 yrs b Ohio Harry W May 1898 2 b Colo Owen Waiter, servant June 1872 b Maine

Vol 111 ED 43 Sh4 ln 47 Kiowa Prec 4 Chivington Towse, George E w Sept 1869 age 30 b Nebraska Grace, wife Oct 1879 20 b Indiana;  Inaz dau Aug 1897 2 Colo Lottie dau Jan 1899 1 Colo

Kiowa Prec 4 Chivington Vol 11 ED 43 Sh4 ln 38  Towse, Walter b Dec 1850 age 49 b Maine Eunice wife Jan 1852 48 b Maine Dawson, Inez dau May1873 27 Maine Dawson, Alma gdau Dec 1893 6 Colo Dawson, Jannie gdau Dec 1896 3 Colo Dawson, Chester W gson Aug 1899 10/12 Colo 8 boarders

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1790-1820 no index listings for Towse, Touse, Tows

1830 Maine   Waldo County Hope p506    Thomas Towes males: 1 @ 40-50, 1@ 15-20, 1@ 110-15, 1@ 5-10, 1@ under 5 years; females: 1@ 30-40, 1 @ 15-20, 1@ 10-15, 1@ 5-10, 1@ under 5 years. neighbor of Sam'l Robinson

1840 Maine  Oxford County Livermore p157   Ezekial Tose 1 male @ 40-50, 1@ 10-15, 2@ under 5; 1 female 30-40, 2@ 15-20, 1@ 5-10

1900 Maine

Vol 14 Ed178 Sheet 4 line 16 Amos H Towes  b May 1845 55 b Maine Oxford Co Gilead Town  dau: Mabel J Hanley

Vol 9 ED53 Sh29 ln31 Geo M Towes w b Apr 1861 39 b Maine Hancock Co Eden Town 105 Cottage St  Towes, Harvey L son Apr 1883 Me Elmena J dau Jan 1886 Me Merle F dau Mar 1894 Me Garnet, Lillie boarder b Apr 1879 Me

Vol 21 Ed211 Sh21 ln75 Oscar Towse w May 1876 b Me Wash Co Lubec Town Towse, Lena wife May 1878 b Me Fanny dau Feb 1900 bMe

Vol 17 Ed121 Sh13 line 46 Roy J Towse w Oct 1879 bMe Penobscot Co Orono Town student enum w/ Univ Maine

Vol 21 ED211 Sh27 ln32 Thaddeus Towse w May 1846 b "Canada Eng" Wash Co Lubec Town Towse, Annie wife Sept 1844 b Me Arthur son Oct 1880 b Me Kinney, Laura boarder b July 1890 b Me

Vol 21 ED 204 Sh12 ln 44 Wash Co Edmunds Town Knight, Harry E head bJan 1879 m 6 yrs joiner owns home Knight, Lottie R wife Jan 1870 7ch 6live Knight, Iva B dau Oct 1894 Roberta dau Mar 1898 Arnold D son May 1898 Thomas E son Mar 1900

Towse, William head b July 1819 age 80 m 62 yrs b Nova Scotia par b Nova Scotia imm 1855 in US 45 yrs farmer r&w Nancy wife Feb 1818 7 ch 6 live b Nova Scotia par b Nova Scotia r&w Larry, Eliza boarder b Me

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1850 Mass Worcester p 400 Westborough; Algernon Towse age 14 born Mass ; in state reform school for "stubbornness".


1850 Michigan Lenawee County Blissfield John Touse age 35 Miller born NY; Julia age 30 born NY ; George age 4 born NY


1830 NY Gilbert Touse COLV p241 Aneram

1850 NY Eliz A Tous ORA p008 Warwick; age 16 listed with Sears family, innkeepers James Tows OSW p158 Owego; [cant find on film] James Touse PUT p116 Nelsonville; age 29 Engineer born England; Ann age 27 born England; Emma age 2 born NY; George age 2 1/2 born NY.


1840 Pennsylvania  Ezra Towse Phil p 293 Phila [couldnt find on film]

1850 Pennsylvania Tous, Jacob LAN p 292 Paradise Touse, Ann PHI 032 Lower De Touse, Dandy BER 228 Rockland Touse, David ALL 047 Pittsburgh Touse, Jacob BER 236 Rockland Touse, John BER 226 Rockland Touse, John BER 182 Maxataw Touse, John H LUZ 260 Providence Touse, Joseph LUZ 260 Providence Touse, Margaret PHI 225 South MU Touse, Adam BER 237 Rockland Towes, Steel HUN 048 Hunting

1860 Pennsylvania Ann Towse Phil p 688 23W5D Phila; Ann age 38 no birthplace listed, $2000 real estate, $4000 personal ; lives with Mary Mattouse(age 60) John Tows Fayette Co p 947 Wash Town--[couldnt find on film] Augustus Touse Berks Co p 537 Oley Twp [couldnt find on film]


1870 Wyoming Carbon Co Rawlins Springs 6 June 1870 p 104 dwelling 3 Towse, Walter age 29 brakeman b Maine Clara 31 $750 personal estate b Ills Alice 12 att school b Iowa (surname unknown; prob Clara's sister) William E 4 b Iowa (aka Edward Armstrong) George E 2 b Nebr  Emily 2/12 b Wyom (aka Ollie)

1880 Wyoming  Laramie Co p174 Cheyenne   Edward Touse age 15 b Nebr both par born Nebr lives with PW Booth, carpenter, & wife

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