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Kilham and Nafferton Church Cemeteries, Yorkshire

Contributed by Ron Potterill

Henry Towse - died 23rd April 1836 Grave in Kilham Church, main cemetery Inscription "Henry Towse. This soul loosened from its clayey tenement joyfully fled to meet its creator on the 23rd day of April 1836, aged 35 years."

Richard Towse & Hannah Graves in Kilham Church, main cemetery. Inscription "Here resteth the remains of Richard Towse & Hannah his wife. He died Jan 21st 1840 aged 75 years. She died May 10th 1849 aged 76 years. Also Hannah their youngest daughter departed this life February 18th 1846 aged 33 years".

Marjorie Cordena Towse Grave in Kilham Church, overflow cemetery. Inscription "Marjorie Cordena Towse, wife of John Henry Towse. Died 10th August 1924 aged 25 years"  Note - Children were Christopher Danby Towse (see 4 below), Douglas Towse (see 5 below) and Madge Towse (alive and living in Driffield). Marjorie died 1 week after Madge was born. John Henry Towse (Jack) is believed to be buried in Scarborough with his second wife. Jack was raised in Nafferton.

Christopher Danby Towse DFC Plaque in Kilham church. Died on active service as a rear gunner in the second world war. Grave is believed to be in France.

Douglas & Patricia Towse Graves in Kilham Church, overflow cemetery. Douglas died as a result of injuries sustained riding in a point-to-point race. Patricia died of a heart attack in 1993 (not sure of date at present) Children - Christopher John (see 6 below), Mary (see 16 below), Elaine Patricia (see 15 below) and Stephen John.

Christopher John Towse Grave in Kilham Church, overflow cemetery. Inscription "In loving memory of Christopher John, dearly beloved son of Douglas & Pat Towse. Died 14th December 1958, aged 4 years". Note - Sisters - Mary (now married to John Booth and living in Driffield) and Elaine Patricia, late wife of Ronald James Potterill. Brother - Stephen John Towse (living in Burythorpe, N. Yorkshire).

William Towse Grave in Nafferton Church cemetery. Inscription "William Towse of Nafferton. Born October 8th 1863. Died June 3rd 1900. He's gone & the groung has received him. Twas Jesus that called him away. He's gone to his arms who redeemed him. From night to the splendour of day"

John Bowse Towse  Grave in Nafferton Church cemetery. Inscription "In memory of John Bowse Towse who died December 9th 1882 aged 79 years. Prepare to meet thy god. Also of Jane his wife who died June 5th 1885 aged 82 years."

Joseph Towse Grave in Nafferton Church cemetery. Inscription "Joseph Towse died 6th January 1913 aged 77. Jane beloved wife,died 13th November 1912 aged 70 years. Thy will be done"

John Henry Towse Grave in Nafferton Church cemetery. Inscription "John Henry Towse died 12th December 1928 aged 74 years also Annie his beloved wife died 19th December 1926 aged 69 years. Peace perfect peace"

George Harland Towse Grave in Nafferton Church cemetery. Inscription "In loving memory of a dear friend George Harland Towse. Died 5th December 1960 aged 59 years. In gods keeping . Also in loving memory of Mabel Lillian Benned. Died 7th October 1979 aged 83. A dear mother."

Mavis Elizabeth Towse Grave in Nafferton Church cemetery. Inscription "Mavis Elizabeth Towse 1909 - 1981 loved and remembered always"

John Harland Towse  Grave in Nafferton Church cemetery. Inscription "John Harland Towse a dear husband and father who passed January 1941 aged 70 years. Also Mary Jane beloved wife of above died 26th January 1955 aged 55 years"

Nafferton War Memorial In grateful memory of the men of Nafferton who fell in the great war 1914-1919     Private F. J. Towse And in honour of those who served Pte. Frederick Towse Pte. W. Towse Pte. F. Towse Pte. A.L. Towse L. Cpl. G. A. Towse

Elaine Patricia Potterill (nee Towse) Daughter of Douglas and Patricia Towse Born 28th October 1959 Died 27th May 1995 Buried in Henfield overflow cemetery (W. Sussex) Note : Buried next to another Towse - details to come Children Richard Douglas Henry Potterill (born 29th May 1985) Emma Louise Potterill (born 14th February 1992)

Mary Booth (nee Towse) Children Helen and Sandra

Stephen John Towse & Rosemary Born around 1963. No children.

I hope this helps. I note a distinct gap in the graves at Kilham through the 1800's.

Burials at Garton-on-the-Wolds, East Riding, Yorkshire

--Contributed by Debra Cohig

1602 2nd day of Feb was buried Ann Towse, wife of Brian Towse

1608 the (?) day of Feb was buried Margaret Towse, dau of Robert Towse

1610 Sept was buried John Towse

1660 Richard Towse son of Anthony Towse was buried 16 April 1660

1661 Elizabeth Towse the daughter of Jonathan Towse was buried 11 Sept

1661 Isabell Towse was buried 30 Sept

1662 Matthew Towse son of Richard Towse buried 17 Jan

1680 Brian Towse was buried July the 15th

1682 Willim Towse buried Nov 31

1690 Jane Towse widow buried Mar 30

1691 Sarah wife of Jeremiah Towse buried Sept 28th

1691 Richard son of Jonathan Towse buried Sept 31st

1694 William Towse, gentleman, buried Jan 27th

1703 John son of John Towse buried Aug 31

1710 Ruth wife of Daniel Towse buried April 3d

1713 William Towse yeoman of Scaglethorpe in ye parish of Cottingham buried April 21st

1715 Daniel Towse, husbandman, buried 19 Feb

1729 Francis Leppington, yeoman, buried May 20

1729 Jane Leppington, widow, buried Sept 14

1732 Richard son of Richard Towse buried 22 Mar

1741 Brayon Towse, gentleman, buried Jan 2

1741 Sarah Towse, widow, buried Feb 25

1750 Mrs Ann Towse, widow, householder, buried 21 April

1750 John Towse, yeoman, buried Dec 11

1759 Jane, dau of Edward Leppington buried Mar 1

1772 Jane Towse widow buried Sept 14

1773 William Towse farmer buried April 1

1785 Daniel Towse son of Daniel Towse of Garton, farmer, died Wed June 15th, buried June 17th age 12

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from "Monumental Inscriptions, Garton-on-Holderness, Yorkshire"

Foxholes, near Driffield : "Frank Towse 25th June 1818 age 7 years"

Ruins of Earlier Church at Harwood Dale from the Scarborough Branch: "Thomas Parker 1 April 1819 age 54 son of William and Ann Parker"

Harwood Dale Churchyard: "Thomas Parker 26 June 1875 age 34" "Christopher Parker 22 Jan 1882 age 85" "Alice Ann Parker 4 Sep 1867 age 16 daughter of William and Ann Parker of Harwood Dale" "William Parker 14 June 1887 age 73 Husband" "Ann Parker 24 Aug 1890 age 72 Wife"

Hutton Buscel Churchyard: "David Towse 24 July 1882 age 71 Husband" "Hannah Towse 5 April 1862 age 43 Wife" "Hannah Maud Bell 27 May 1880 11 mos Granddaughter"

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    North Lubec Cemetery, North Lubec, Washington County, Maine, off Route 189

from LDS  library microfilm no. 907998    --Contributed by Debra Cohig

Thaddeus Towse 1846-1913 "/co A 15th Maine Annie M 1845-1919 Fannie M 1875-1896 Oscar J 1878-1953 Lena C wf 1877-1970   Also mantions Case, Snyder, Wilcox, Cook, Davis, others


from "Index to Cemetery Inscriptions, Westmoreland County, NB by D Ayer

Prepared by Bruce Phinney 1988" in the Mount Allison University Archives

Cookville Cemetery

Annie Towse 1819-1911 Daniel Towse 1807-1880

Rural Cemetery, York St, Sackville, NB

Charles F Towse 1868-1885 David Towse 1871-1903 David A Towse 1879-1881 Elisha S Towse 1835-1891 Harriet M Towse 1869-1900 Harriet A Towse 1837-1854 James W Towse 1864-1868 John W Towse 1805-1878 Lucy Towse 1816-1893 Marie E Towse 1840-1886 Seward Towse 1866-1867

Midgic Cemetery

Harry I Towse 1907-1918 Lizzie Towse 1877-1965 Lucy Towse 1855-1900 William Towse 1855-1932

Westcock Cemetery

Mary Towse No dates Walthus M Towse 1862-1862 William H Towse No dates

Upper Sackville Cemetery

James Towse 1814-1887 John Towse 1779-1863 John T Towse 1856-1875 Mary Towse 1776-1867 Mary E Towse 1830-1881 Robert H Towse 1825-1884

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