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Thanks to Marty Lund, we've found a family website that allows all members to upload GEDCOM or family tree files, photos, letters and a host of other goodies. My wish come true! Please visit, I think you'll like how much easier it is to view everything (I've spent a whole day cutting and pasting files from this page to the new one, so you can still see all the same things, as well as add your own. See you there!

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Welcome, Towse Cousins!  This page is dedicated to reaching any and all Towse descendants out there, both male and female lines.  We want to share our family history with each other, with two goals in mind: A book detailing the Towse Family History in Canada and the US, and a collection of available Towse material, both genealogical and biographical, from all the corners of the world to which we have scattered.  

Most of us in the US and Canada are descended from John and Mary Woodell Towse or from Simpson and Ann Towse, both families having come from Yorkshire, and Somerset before that.  

Please join us in this effort.  We wont be able to include everyone if we dont get your contributions!  We're not only having fun tracing our family history, but in getting to know each other as well.  There have been some surprises. One strong Towse trait, for example, that seems to carry through all branches is a love of writing, teaching and history. Our family is full of teachers, poets, reporters, publishers, professors, historians, genealogists......let us know if this holds true in your branch.


RULE NUMBER ONE:  Always  give credit where credit is due.  Use quotes, cite your sources, tell us from whom you heard a story. It's honest . It's good research.  This is a group effort; we want to hear from everybody.

NOTE:  Please remember, if I ever put anything on these pages you object to, let me know immediately.  Additions or suggestions are always welcome.  This is a family effort; I'm only the self-appointed editor (there goes that trait again). Please be patient with me; I'm still learning how to work these web pages.

Note:  These pages are deliberately plain.  I like graphics and music, too, but not everyone has the capabilities of viewing them in a timely manner, and this site is meant to be friendly to everyone.  When we have photos, they will be accessible by link to a separate page.  If you'd like to share photos, I'd be happy to upload them for you, if you'll send them by email, preferably in jpeg format.---Debra Cohig

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